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Friday, August 2, 2013

More subliminal musings...

Another great list of words from lunanina.  If you haven't tried this word game, do it!

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Packing :: I will never pack and move again...I will however have a fire and "lose" all but my most important belongings.
  2. Rent :: That's what I do. I'm not owning a house for a good, long while.
  3. Inspire :: Those things I want to do, read, see, hear and experience over and over again.
  4. Anti-social :: Me.
  5. Common :: All sorts of "common" flowers are really beautiful if you give them a chance.
  6. Repeats :: When I forget what I just said.
  7. Dracula :: An apt name for the some of the people in business and politics who believe that most of us have too much and really don't need what we have so just have us pay more taxes to make up for all the tax loopholes and tax breaks.
  8. Cross :: Criss
  9. Short sighted :: Either an idiot or someone who needs glasses. You choose.
  10. Corrupt :: A great way to describe someone who isn't doing what you *think* they should do. /sarcasm.

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