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Friday, August 2, 2013

How Many Days?

School starts in 24 days. God help me. I can't wait to get my youngest kid out of the house and back to school...but it means *I* start back to work, too. Sigh. I'm glad I have a job, but I really love being at home. I get to sleep in (sometimes...when no one needs a ride to work because they didn't get up early enough to WALK to work which is why they got a job close by), I get to stay up late watching movies, I can go swimming in the pool at midnight (as long as security hasn't locked the gates which seems to happen only on weekends - thank you college students in the apartment complex), and I can drink enough coffee to stay up until 4 a.m. to listen to Coast to Coast with George Noory and laugh myself silly.

We have visitors until Thursday. They are here to see my kids...friends of theirs from the last town we lived in. Five days too long, IMHO. I'm not a good house guest and I'm an even worse hostess. They are staying in a hotel, but that means I get to look forward to people knocking on my door every damn morning. See?! I keep having this dream that I go to a retreat of some sort for six months and no one talks to me. And then I wake up. South Texas is a long way from my imaginary retreat in the mountains somewhere up north. And by north, I mean Rocky Mountains-British Columbia north.

My in-laws are supposed to planning a trip to see us next March for our spring break. They are trying to decide a) how to travel down here and b) where to stay. I think they should a) take the train down and fly home because that's what my mother-in-law wants and they aren't getting any younger and b) they need to stay in a nice hotel right downtown to see the River Walk and all the touristy stuff without having to wait for someone to drive them around. If only it was this easy. After three months, they still can't make decisions because a) my father-in-law doesn't want to spend FOUR DAYS on a train with NOTHING TO DO and b) he doesn't want to spend more than $60 a night on a hotel. Trust me, they can easily afford this trip. I've sent them links and information and pamphlets and stuff to help...but oh my lord there is too much to be mulled over until it feels like they are beating a dead horse. So. Here's to seeing them next spring :)

And, I can't seem to remember to TILT. I'll have to get that on my calendar. It's good for me. I tend to be broody and bitchy and all that happy shit so I need to focus on the good things, too. But you won't catch me being all happy and shit. But this picture does make me happy...

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