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Thursday, July 25, 2013

TILT for the first time in a loooong time!

Things I Love Thursday - TILT - is a way to give thanks for the good things in life. And a way to ferret out those positive things that get lost in all the angst. It's simple.

I Love:

My pool. I live in an apartment complex, so someone else takes care of the pool. There are trees around it so it's private and cool in the evenings.

The breeze. There was a breeze for a little while today. I really miss the wind. I love the sound of it in the trees, rushing around the corner of the house, and messing up my hair.

One year of peace. Although we are struggling through state tests to keep our jobs (which I'm sure we'll pass...but still...TESTS) this past year has been pretty nice. No one calls our phones unless they know us and want to talk to us. Weekends are free of obligations. We rarely bring home any work because it all gets done at work.

We met a new couple at the pool. She was an arborist, now retired, and her partner is still working. They are nice, intelligent, and hate the state governor as much as we do. Well, hate might be too strong of a word...Loathe? Dislike? Oh, what the hell; hate it is. The cool thing is, we could talk with them for hours. We'll have to have them over for dinner.

I can apply for jobs. For realz. I have skillz and a degree and shit. Getting a new job is another story, but OPTIONS are a new and wonderful thing.

Breaking Bad is starting again soon. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I am d.y.i.n.g. to see what happens. I really want Walt to win. Deep down, I think I could make choices like that, too. I have a secret list of things to do if I ever find out I'm terminally ill and I have decades of rage to fuel me. I love stories that give people the chance to break out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary.

Anthony Weiner. The gift that keeps on giving to comedians. And such an unfortunate last name. Or maybe it's appropriate. Let's see if he gets the votes for mayor of NYC.

And, it's payday. Who doesn't love payday?!

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  1. Yay, for new job opportunities, new friends and a pool that you don't have to clean!