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Sunday, April 21, 2013


I say ... and you think ... ?  This is a game from LunaNina that uses free association with words to have a little fun. Try it!
  1. Pork :: Bacon bacon bacon! Is there anything better than bacon?! I know, it's almost a cliche to love bacon...but I LOVE BACON.
  2. Work :: The necessary evil that pays the bills. I'm still looking for a job that doesn't feel like a job, that doesn't degenerate into a five-days-a-week obligation where I watch the clock sit at     2 p.m. for an eternity every afternoon. Don't get me wrong; I'm grateful and happy to have a job...I'd just like something better eventually.
  1. International :: If only I had a current passport.
  2. Board :: of directors? silly? Oh, no, that would be bored. Diving board, running board, skate board...
  3. Idea :: Yes. I have one. I'm saving it for tomorrow.
  4. Spinning :: In circles. Life is like that sometimes.
  5. Relations :: People I don't live near anymore. Maybe a few of them will visit...but Texas is a looong way from just about everywhere else in the U.S.
  6. Dresser :: I regret buying oak dressers for my bedroom. Beautiful but so heavy when we move.
  7. Poster :: Girl for inappropriate language today. Shit. I forgot to throw in another load of laundry...
  8. Inappropriate :: Saying shit. Or saying "shit."

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