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Friday, January 4, 2013



Really, it's the little things that keep me amused. If I owned the fields behind this sign, I'd put up scarecrows in orange jumpsuits. Scarecrows with pitchforks and chainsaws (made out of cardboard, of course) just to keep people on their toes.
In other news, I ended my vacation from unpacking, repacking and rearranging boxes in my apartment and the garage. Our apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen/dining/living room. We don't have a lot of extra space with four people living here. So, we rented a garage in the complex. A few days ago, my husband and I finished repacking all our stuff into plastic bins and moved in the last large piece of furniture: our second bedroom dresser. According to my sons, who helped carry it up to our second floor apartment, the dresser weighs 10,000 pounds. Every time we move, I have fresh regrets over buying any furniture made out of real wood. But since the garage isn't sealed off from bugs or humidity, everything worth more than a few dollars has to be in the apartment. Such is life. I'm going to bug bomb the garage and hope for the best...after I catch and remove the geckos of course!
This two weeks off for the holidays has been nice, but I'm getting bored. Bored because I'm stuck in a vortex of inertia (not a real scientific term!)  and I can't make myself do  much of anything. Family drama to the left, family drama to the right and I sure am glad I live far away from all of them. Maybe the lack of direction or ambition is really just my brain taking a break. I received my diploma a few weeks ago - I'm a bonafied college graduate with a degree in English - and so now I can look for a different job. Only, I don't want to look for another job my inner three-year-old whines. Try plugging in "Writing," "Technical Writing," "Editing," "Proof reading," " Public Relations," and "Copy Writing" into a search engine and most of the jobs are either writing handbooks for engineers or administrative assistants. I would love to be a technical writer for engineers or doctors but WOW do they want credentials and experience. This is going to take a while.  And probably help from a professional. And a wine bottle.
In the meantime, I am reorganizing the apartment, making the most of our limited space and dreaming of the day we can move into something as grand as a three or four bedroom apartment.  
 The other big news is that there's an infinitesimal chance that there will be falling snow in south Texas. When pigs fly outta my ass. Pictures to follow...maybe.

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