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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How long has it been?

Too long...too, too long...

1. I am contemplating and taking notes on a series of short stories bouncing around in my head.

2. I just read the entire handbook on how to become a licensed teacher through a program at my local education service district and it's down to either English teacher or early childhood -4th grade teacher.

3. My job is kicking my butt. I'm tired, I stand up all day, I go up and down stairs multiple times each day, and I have to pay attention to lots of people all the time. I like it, but it wears me out.

4. I'd like to make more money. MORE MONEY.

5. I am counting down the days until I receive my diploma AND my new transcript showing I graduated. Yes, it was totally my fault I had to wait this long. The upside is my school loans are in limbo and my six-month grace period won't start until January.

6. If I want to do this program, I have to start now and pray that I am right about how much in expenses we will be writing off on our taxes...and that we'll be getting a large enough refund to pay for everything.

7. But then there's the urge to just runn oft and stop being an adult. Seriously, who WANTS to be an adult these days?

8. My shopping for Thanksgiving is finished. Baking has commenced. My kids have to make stuff, too, because I don't like being a kitchen slave. One son just finished making a pan of brownies and chocolate-peanut butter bark. The other son is still in bed (and it's 10 a.m.). I might just make the lazy son wash dishes, instead. I get to make a couple of pumpkin pies and decide if the store-brand nacho chips are going to be good enough for guests tomorrow. Oh, and the beer is chilling in the fridge.

9. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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