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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mutterings for the Week

It's easy: Free association exercise in letting your brain ooze random words from lunanina...
Week 506

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Exorcise :: Past lives
  2. Theory :: Ignorance
  3. Possible :: Futures
  4. 1600 :: Conquistadors
  5. Feeling :: Blue
  6. Excuse :: Rectum
  7. Mortality :: Wings
  8. Trivial :: Forgotten
  9. Pupil :: Sunshine
  10. Challenge :: Life

It was a long week last week. Lots of running around, long hours, and 10 hours of safety videos to watch for work; which I left until this morning. My kitchen is now an expert on all sorts of things like:

Slips, Trips and Falls
First Aid

I cleaned my  kitchen, did laundry, cooked and made snacks...all the while podcast after podcast played in the background. I got 100% on every test. I feel just a tiny bit smarter, too. On Tuesday I get to go to a conference and learn about co-teaching. It's nice to learn new things.

I also learned that I have acclimated to 80+ degree weather and 65 degrees feels much colder to me right now that it should. This is not right. NOT RIGHT. I refuse to become a warm weather person...a lizard in search of the sun to warm up...a sweater-toting old lady who thinks anything below 70 degrees must mean winter. Nope. Not happening. I shall sleep with the bedroom window open and soak up the cool temps over night and radiate it back all day tomorrow like a refrigerator. Better yet, like a block of ice.

Living with two seasons, hot and cool, is not going to please me.

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