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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back from the edge of death to see Cloud Atlas!

It's been too long! TOO LONG, I TELL YA!

I've been working...and then I got sick. He's been sick. Everyone's been sick sick sick...sung to the tune of Old McDonald of course.

Stomach viruses can be brutal. Having two bathrooms saved our lives. After 10 hours of stereo wretching overnight, my son and I agreed that dawn was a good time to die. But we discovered that using garbage bags in buckets saved us from having to get up and rinse out the buckets. TMI?! It may not have been environmentally friendly, but I'll plant some trees and drive less to make up for all the plastic we used up.

Thankfully, we healed up reasonably well for opening night of "Cloud Atlas" on Friday night. WOW! We loved it.  All four of us went and snuggled up for a three-hour movie marathon (that's including the previews, which were extensive) at a very comfortable theater with plush seats that recline a bit and rock. Well, jiggle anyway. But I'll tell you this: the target audience is older than dirt apparently, because the oldest of the four of us (not me!) was far younger than the average age of the audience. I think all the grandparents in our part of the city were out for a date night...

Here's what I thought of the movie:

A)  I loved all the actors

B)  It's long, but if you like some contemplation, this will please you

C) Action!! Great action sequences.

D) Tom Hanks and Jim Sturgess. Need I say more?
E)  The whole theater cheered when they broke out of the old folk's home - and then WENT BACK to get the darling old man who never said anything but I know I know! He repaid their kindness with starting a brawl in a pub. I almost cried.

F) And just flat out great acting

Here's what actually happened as we watched the movie:
We settled into our seats at 7 p.m. and by 7:35 my breakfast bean burrito was knock-knock-knocking to get out. WHAT IDIOT eats a bean burrito as their first solid meal in four days??? Oh, me. I'm sure everyone sitting in the vicinity now hates me with the burning heat of a million suns. Wanna know what the dude dying in the hold of the ship smells like?

I tried to get seats on the aisle (because I always plan for fires, potty emergencies and nut jobs having psychotic breaks) but I had to sit one seat in from the aisle. The elderly woman next to me, in the coveted aisle seat, had some condition with her legs that caused her lower limbs to be freakishly long, bent at odd angles, and somehow filled up the entire space between  me and freedom. There was no sneaking by that cat’s cradle of limbs.  And there were at least 30 people in the other direction in the row. So, everyone suffered with me.

But what a movie! Now I’ll have to read the book. The story is complicated...but then again really simple: What is the power of love? And how far can a kind gesture travel through time?

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