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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Unconscious Mutterings Week 503

Uh oh. I watched Fareed Zakaria before I did this week's Mutterings...I think it shows. I am continually amazed at the lack of understanding and caring in the world. But then I remember, television has become this mainly warped reality show where the audience is wooed with increasingly ridiculous and vapid junk. Where's the in-depth reporting on our food supply? ABC News is being sued by the beef industry for the report on "pink slime," which is a beef product of meat trimmings and connective tissue that is pureed, gassed with ammonia to kill pathogens and then injected into ground beef. ABC didn't lie. But when people got this information, they decided they didn't want to eat ground beef with "pink slime" in it.

And then there's the milk in the grocery stores. A few years ago, before milk and diary prices started going up, I made my own yogurt at home. All I need was some whole milk that had been pasteurized in the regular manner. After the prices started going up, I noticed that I could only find milk that had been ultra-pasteurized. Ultra-pasteurized milk has been cooked (to put it plainly) until there is nothing left alive in the milk. If the milk is completely sterile, you can't make yogurt no matter how much starter you put in it...I tried. So, the milk is really clean and has a longer shelf life. So what? I just paid more for organic milk when I wanted to make yogurt and didn't think about it. But a few months ago, I ran across an article about the ultra-pasteurization being used because milk that had formerly been too old and full of junk to be used for human consumption is now being cooked and cleaned up and put back into our milk supply to keep prices down. I'll admit, I haven't done any more research on it to make sure this is true...but my gut tells me it probably is. Where's the in-depth reporting on what's going on with our food? Oh, wait, that's outlets get sued if they report on something and cause an industry to lose money.

That's what happens with I do this free association game...

I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Social :: Responsibility
  2. Fairy tale :: Fiction
  3. 0 :: Understanding
  4. Football :: Overpaid
  5. Action :: Lacking
  6. Setting :: Understanding
  7. Boomers :: Liars
  8. Rough :: Roads
  9. Words :: Propaganda
  10. Account :: Swiss

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