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Thursday, September 6, 2012

TILT for September 6th

Things I Love Thursday...
Otherwise known as I really do have good things happening in my life!

Today, I love that my oldest son was officially offered a job at the local grocery store. He really wanted this job! I think he'll enjoy it and do well with this company. I also love that he will be driving himself around in my car. No, really! I am carpooling to work with my husband, which is very cool, because we don't spend all that much time together.

I love that the classroom I work in has fabulous air conditioning! I brought a light sweater to wear over my blouse so I wouldn't feel so chilly. Once I start working in different classrooms, I'm sure I'll be back to sweating like a pig, but the last few days have been really nice. I LOVE being cold.

I love having time to read my own books in my spare time. I read a lot of good books over the last few years in college, but there's always the pressure of remembering the details when I read a book for class. Now, I'm reading books at my own speed.

I love having a smallish apartment to clean. We have enough room, but we had to get rid of a lot of stuff to fit all four of us in here. And that means less junk to clean and dust and wash and take care of...which suits me just fine. I think I might get rid of some more stuff over the winter, when it's a balmy 60 degrees outside and I won't die from the heat while I sort boxes in the garage.

I love the tiny lizards that occasionally climb up to my deck looking for bugs. I bet if I put out some potted plants, I'd have more lizards.

And, I love my truck. When I drive my truck around town, people get out of my way. When I drive my car, jerks cut me off and refuse to let me change lanes or merge. I guess it's all about perception.

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