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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tilt for September 13th

Things I Love Thursday - AND I MISSED IT!

Thursday was a good day. I was tired-tired-tired, too. The new job is great but it makes me tired to pay attention to so many people all day long. But it will pass...

So, Saturday: Here's what I love about YOU for a change:

Sleeping in, which means sleeping until 7 a.m.
Stretching breakfast out to an hour, at least, as I sip coffee and read newspapers online.
Looking at a new site that is so cool and so positive and! Humans of New York
Not having to wash my cars because it rained so hard Thursday night that most of the dirt is gone.
Clouds. There are clouds covering the sky.
Using my new washing machine. Two years of public laundry rooms has made me grateful.
Reading books I want to read.
(((My new library card)))
Untethering myself from Facebook. It will be hard. But I must do it for my own sanity.

**And the reinforcement of the idea that what goes around comes around: Our new jobs coming to us after helping five other people get of which was the job my husband left.

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