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Monday, September 3, 2012

It was a little anticlimatic

My son's reply was: "I feel like such an asshole for believing they knew about it and for putting you guys through all this."

Sometimes, the light bulb moment is super bright and mind altering like we all wish it could be.

My son, who formerly wanted to move over 2,000 miles to return to our former abode, is now ready to face his future here with us; in Texas instead of Washington State. And it took less than five minutes to change his mind. We accomplished this by having an honest conversation with the family who apparently had told him he could move in with them (their son being hysterically best friends with our son). That family had been on vacation on the east coast for the past few weeks, so when our son dropped the bomb we had no way to confirm or deny the details of the plan hatched by our two boys. All we had were two teenage boys telling each other that this was going to work.

Yesterday, my husband and I had a private phone conversation with them. While we talked, I felt that thousand-pound weight lift from my chest and I took a deep breath for the first time in weeks. "We thought they were talking about your son visiting for the summer...and on holidays...that's why we mentioned looking at our home owner's insurance, you know, in case your son fell down the stairs or something...we had no idea it had gone that far..."

Their oldest son spent the summer getting ready for college on the east coast. Mom and Dad were all wrapped up in taking him to his new school and settling him in for his freshman year on the other side of the continent. Yeah, I'd be pretty distracted, too. So, we had a really good conversation about visits back and forth over the summer, keeping the kids connected with Skype and texting, and how to help them continue to deal with the pain of not physically being there for each other.

And my  son doesn't want to go to high school here. That much hasn't changed. He's over high school the same way I was over high school by the time I was a junior. I read up on GEDs and...and...I'll have to change my mental image of GED = maladjusted and unsocialized and undereducated. That was MY misconception of the week. My son wants to finish school. He wants a job. He wants to study psychology, maybe, someday. And he's totally receptive to getting an AA at community college after his GED. And I realized all over again how much I love this crazy kid. He has such a big heart, wants to do so much, and loves so hard.

Life. It's what happens when you live. And the therapist, we'll see him one more time because it's money well spent.

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