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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top Ten: Winter

It's 95 degrees outside...and probably 100 degrees on my just looking at this little guy makes me nostalgic for winter. Why? Because THERE WILL BE NO WINTER for me this year. Or for as long as I live in the southwest. Oh, sure, I can take weekend trips to the mountains and see the snow, but it won't be the same as snow in my backyard.

The Top Ten things I love about winter are:

1. Snow. Of course. Lots and lots of snow. I've been snowed in by heavy snow and/or blizzards and I love it!

2. The cold. Really, I love cold temperatures.

3. The clouds. There's nothing like winter clouds, full of snow, and creeping across the sky and dragging the long, dark tendrils of falling snow behind them.

4. The sky. There is a special blue that takes over the sky on winter day when the sun is shining, the snow is sparkling, and there's not a breath of air moving. It's a deep, dark blue that seems to extend a million miles into space.

5. Ice skating. I love to skate, but I've had very few chances to ice skate these last 10 years. We once had an outdoor rink at the end of our block and it was fabulous. One Saturday night, I took the kids to skate after dark and we ended up skating under the stars and the aurora borealis.

6. Animal tracks. A fresh snowfall plus nocturnal animals equals a fascinating array of tracks through the yard.

7. Snowmen. It would be winter without making at least one snowman!

8. The wind. Is there anything that sounds colder or more mournful that a winter wind whistling under the eaves in the middle of the night?

9. No school. I still get excited when the school closures are announced every five minutes on the early morning news!

10. Long walks, through the snow, for no particular reason at all.

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