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Thursday, August 30, 2012

TILT for August 30th

Things I Love Thursday - A chance to list and talk about all the good things from the past week.

Is there anything I love today? Or yesterday? Or the day before?

I love that I have a job, a place to live and paychecks starting at the end of  September. I love that we are all together and the stress of wondering what next is over; or almost over. I love that the Big Bang Theory is on all the time because that show makes me happy. I love the feeling of making the right decision after I met the therapist today. I love washing and drying my clothes in my own apartment rather than dragging all of it to a tiny laundry room where something is always broken or being used by someone else. I love seeing clouds in the sky, although it never rains. I love that my older son had a great job interview today and was elated that it went well and he is recommended for the job. I love that my husband is home at a decent hour every evening to help mitigate the stress of dealing with an unhappy younger child. And I really love not having that feeling of doom hanging over us anymore.

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