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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The thing about moving

Last sunrise over Ellensburg...

Moving seems to be something I'm well-suited much as I'd like to stay in one place for a long time, there are circumstances beyond our control that nudge us back into a UHaul and yet another trip across state lines every few years. 

I think part of it is my refusal to stand for taking what I am handed and saying Please, may I have some more? I am so disgusted and demoralized by the downward spiral of so many things...

Public discourse
The middle class
The value and dignity of human beings
The strength of unions
Intellectual curiosity
and I could go on and on and on...

I didn't send enough stuff ahead in the UHaul. It was a long process to get every box and bag in the right place, and then I still had to stuff the extra things into every crack and crevice. I left behind a box of hangers (no great loss), a cheap TV stand (well, we really could have used it), a craptastic vacuum cleaner that I hated, odds and ends like a dish drainer and all sorts of cleaning supplies that would probably boil and explode on my trip through the southwest, and things that really had no purpose. It's always good to cleanse yourself of things you really don't need.

Even the back seat was full. We had to be careful of sudden one likes getting beaned in the back of the head with a bottle of shampoo.

I've seen Mt. Shasta from the other side, and it was equally as beautiful from this side, from a rest stop on I-5. My son loved driving and wanted to drive all the time. I was happy to let him take charge. Driving is boring and it's hard to sightsee.

Despite all the negative press from some sources about the viability of wind-generated electricity, there are a lot of wind farms up and down the west coast. Someone thinks wind farms are a good idea. I think they are a fantastic idea. I don't think wind turbines are a blight, rather I think they are beautiful in their simplicity and beautiful in what they provide us. We passed a coal-burning power plant in Arizona (I didn't get a picture because the camera had fallen through a crack in the space-time continuum and was being held hostage by the mountain of junk in the back seat) and it was a frightening sight. Compared to a wind farm, the power plant was a hulking, spewing behemoth next to a mountain of coal fed by a dedicated line of rail cars full of more coal. But we all want our electricity for lights, computers, cameras, air conditioning, hospitals, schools...I believe that we are smart enough to figure out how to use alternative energy sources to transition ourselves to less dependence on coal and gas power plants.

This is what I'd like to leave my children...

And this...

Did you notice the oil being pumped in the corner of the photo? Oil will be with us for a long time. This was a wind farm south of Lubbock, Texas. There were thousands of wind turbines stretching to the horizon. And farmers were still farming around the base of the turbines. And around the oil wells. It seems like a good lesson in co-existence.

As much as I love trees, I love seeing rocks. Big rocks, little rocks, cliffs, name it, I like seeing it. New Mexico was lovely.

The moonrise over the plains was breathtaking...this is just outside of Lubbock. The moon always looks like a blob with my camera, but in black and white it looks okay. In color, it was amazing.

The sunset was equally as amazing. I didn't want to roll down my window because it was still 97 degree outside. The toughest thing will be not having a cool breeze.

And one last shot of New Mexico. I'd love to wake up every morning and see this in my living room window. 

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