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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The mess that keeps on giving

Dear Mitt and Paul,

I am not voting for you. And because of the faked crisis of voter fraud and increased faux vigilance for these mainly imaginary criminals, it took me a grand total of 10 hours and five pieces of paper to get a new driver's license, so I can vote, after I moved to a different state. Oh yes, I got my license because I have the TIME, MONEY, TRANSPORTATION, SUPPORT, and VERIFYING PAPERWORK to get one. And both of you think this is okay. I don't. I now understand, in a very visceral way, how it feels to face the assumption that I am being less than honest. I've lived a pretty sheltered and privileged life, and last week I had a glimpse of what goes on just beyond that bubble I've lived in for over four decades.

I am not voting for you because you think my uterus SHOULD be a clown car; or whatever my husband decides is best for me. Or my doctor. Or my priest or pastor. Do you see the pattern here? I find it terrifically pathetic that two white men are sharing a national stage and advocating for the return of this nation to a period of time that is highly romanticized and sanitized for your audience. If either one of you truly thinks that backpedaling to, say, the 1950's in order to set this nation on a more moral and righteous path is going to fix all of our problems, get thee to a clinic and start on some meds immediately. I am very happy with many of the things going on in this country right now and I'm going to continue to support and vote for these changes; things like health care for everyone, freedom to choose what health care procedures suit me, more funding for public education, clean air and water, limits on what banks and corporations can do, and more money - yes I said MORE MONEY - for social services. I see the government as We the People and I want to keep paying people to distribute my tax money to those in need. I want to pay for other people's college education, welfare, food stamps, health care...and I'm not going to insist that I know every detail of how that money is spent or insist that I must agree with every aspect of what it is spent on. That's why I vote for people on the state and federal level to hammer out all those details for me.

I am not voting for you because you hate government. Government is not a dirty word. Government is what gives this country a structure in which to grow and prosper. Sure, we have problems and the structure is not perfect, but the idea that Government should be strangled and drowned in the bathtub, or that it should be induced to fail so that it can be rebuilt from the ashes, is fantastical and irresponsible. And misleading. You both are lying when you say that you want to make this nation great again through destroying the Government. A completely free market and unbridled capitalism is a recipe for turning this nation into a giant fiefdom serving the lords of the corporations. We are a nation of people, not a nation of wealth producers. PEOPLE with hopes and dreams that can't be quantified with dollar bills. Shame on both of you for trying to reduce over 300 million people to little piles of paper and coin. Is that all we are to you?

I am not voting for you because I think you hate me. Or at least, you think so little of me that I am not part of your campaign. I guess I should say, I am beneath your notice and count for next-to-nothing in your grand plan to take over this nation. Mitt, I am poor and relatively powerless. How much time would you spend talking to me to convince me to vote for you because it's in my best interest? And Paul, how much time would you spend trying to make me change my mind about you? All I see in campaign ads, op-eds, interviews and speeches is an attempt to scare me into voting for the two of you. FEAR. That's all you have to offer. Fear of invading illegal immigrants. Fear of taxation destroying my livelihood. Fear of government telling me what to do. Fear of foreign countries. Fear of foreign leaders. Fear of socialism, freedom of thought and speech, and fear of just about anything that might tear the blinders off and show people who you really are. You are both fear mongers and snake oil salesmen.

I am not voting for you because both of you pervert and distort the Bible. You pervert and distort history to suit your opinions. And neither one of you seems to care that you have abandoned the discipline of fact and replaced it with relative truth; or should I say, the truth as you see it through highly conservative and fundamentalist glasses? But here's one thing I have to give the two of you: The abandonment of the discipline of facts and the rise of moral and factual relativism  can be blamed on the Left, too. I guess I expect people who wish to serve the nation to be smart enough to recognize this and at least try to rise above it.

I am not voting for you because I think, beyond political parties and all the issues trotted out by both sides over the past few years, there really is a grand plan that will not be good for me or my family. It's all about money, who has it, and who controls it. I'm not talking about pay checks, I'm talking about the ability to control wealth. As I see the middle class disappear and wages shrink to pitiful levels, all in the name of profit, I practically weep with anger. You do not care about me, you do not care about my family, and you do not care how or where I live my life as long as the profits keep flowing upward to you and your kind.

What I see are two white, privileged men who care about two things: Money and power. I can't vote for that. I won't vote for that. But the truth is, I'll vote for the least objectionable person because that's all the power I possess. And the only reason why I have the power to cast a vote is because I was able to provide the proof that I'm a resident of this state and that I rightfully exist, however minimally...

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